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Hello Creators!

We know the limited ability to participate in craft and artisan fairs has been frustrating this year. Considering this with the recent trauma in Kenosha, a few of us wondered, how could we help? Creatives for Community is our response!
Think, "Etsy with a cause."  The only cost to you is the standard online payment process fee of 2.9% + $0.30 which you include in your sell price!
How it works...
(please see our  Creators Terms & Conditions below)
You provide a few details about yourself as the creator, your images, full product details, your price including a suggested minimum donation of 10% for * Grace Welcome Center for Racine Creators minimum 10% to foster youth efforts and then...
We include your items in our shop where once purchased, we will notify you of the order by email, we will submit your payment to you via PayPal, less the donation amount you've indicated for Grace Welcome Center, and then...
You fulfill your order, package and ship via first class postal service to the customer or drop off to Kenosha Creative Space for pick up (if selected) and notify us when the order is complete.
Easy, right? And a Win/Win for our beloved, Kenosha, Racine neighbors and creators too!  If you are interested, please submit the form on this page to get started or ask any questions.  We have full Creator Terms & Conditions to explain all details so please click on the link to view and print.

Interested in joining us?

Please provide some  info and we willl connect with you soon.

*A percentage of your choosing of each sale will go to Grace Welcome Center and their recovery efforts for Kenosha's Uptown, the hardest-hit area during the August, 2020 riots.  Racine creators % of each sale will be given  to the Racine foster care program to generate funds for gift cards for foster youth to  help ease the anxieties entering in a new home.
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