Welcome to Creatives for Community!! 

This website has been created to keep our  Kenosha and Racine communities   unified and supported within our local artist and crafters community!  This website is to generate funds for our artists while at the same time sharing a percentage of sales to be contributed to efforts   in our communities in need.  Grace Welcome Center is an organization  providing resources and daily living support for those in need in the Kenosha area.  Efforts will also be extended to our Racine neighbors!  A percentage of each sale from a  Racine creator will be contributed to foster youth within their community.

Anyone from either community is encouraged to join this collective!  Creativity has no limits and neither should supporting ourselves and our communities!! Together through creativity, sharing  support and opening up conversations we can help for a better tomorrow!


 Kenosha Creative Space has kindly offered their venue as a local in person pickup option most accessible to Kenosha residents. Let's continue to come together and support each other through these trying times!


Thank you for your support!

Katy Wallner, Director of Creatives for Community

Francisco Loyola, Executive Director at Kenosha Creative Space

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*Click to donate directly or learn more about what Grace Welcome Center is doing for Kenosha.